5 Design Features at Clover Park You Might Have Missed!

5 Design Features at Clover Park You Might Have Missed!


Good urban design is all about creating the right kind of, well… vibe. But when you first drive into a development, you might not notice the small details that go into creating a place you’ll want to call home. When you’re choosing a development to call home, it’s a good idea to look closely at the masterplan, the reputation of the developer and the quality of the urban design on site. Here are five sneaky urban design details you may not have noticed about Clover Park



  1. A Home Amongst the Gum Trees

Drive into Clover Park and you’ll see that this beautiful address is home to a number of mature and majestic gum trees. Our team at Lanser designed the layout of Clover Park around these trees which presented some challenges for road layouts and pavement material. Flexible pavement has been used in places, and our reserves and stormwater infrastructure have also been located to maintain the trees in a healthy and sustainable way. This ensures that Clover Park really does offer you a ‘home amongst the gum trees’!




  1. Your Very Own Hills Escape

Many of our residents tell us that what they love most about living at Clover Park is that it truly feels like a secret escape from the hustle and bustle. Perched on a beautiful hillside, there is limited access to Clover Park from Flaxley Road and the rural land to the south means that Clover Park has restricted entry points. Designing the development around an exclusive entry creates the sense of a boutique community with quiet streets and no through roads for our residents. Clover Park really does feel like an idyllic escape in the Hills!




  1. Easy-to-Build Blocks

The slope on site means that Clover Park offers spectacular views, but our team knew this could make it tricky for our customers to build their dream home. That’s why we carefully masterplanned Clover Park to maximise views, offer beautiful streetscapes and to create beautiful benched and retained allotments making it easy for everyone to build their dream Hills home. Where possible our streets have also been planned so that blocks have side slope (rather than slope over the length of the lot) which helps prevent having a ‘high’ and ‘low’ side of the street!



  1. A Lucky Place to Live!

When naming our streets at Clover Park, our team at Lanser decided on several themes including flora and fauna as well as a ‘lucky’ theme! Clover Park is home to such a beautiful variety of flora and fauna that many of our streets are named after a variety of local species –  from Goodenia Grove and Lilac Parade to Swallowtail Street and Wagtail Way our street names pay tribute to our beautiful Hills location. Clover – especially the four-leaf kind – is also traditionally thought of as a lucky charm. That’s why we decided to name many of our streets at Clover Park after a variety of lucky charms, or words that mean ‘luck’! If you live on Kachina Drive, Jade Close, Cricket Court or Seven Street then luck is definitely on your side!



  1. There’s No Place Like Home

When Dorothy wanted to return to Kansas from the Land of Oz, she clicked her heels three times. And when you arrive home at Clover Park, we want you to get home just as easily! That’s why when you turn into Clover Park you shouldn’t be more than three turns from home – our goal is to have no more than three intersections between our entrance and your driveway. This makes coming home after a long day easier and more relaxing.


To find out more about making Clover Park home, please contact our team.

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