Welcome to The Pines!

Welcome to The Pines!


We chatted to Coralie who has purchased and exclusive Pines Terrace home by Lanser Living. We spoke to her about the sales process, her future life at Clover Park and her amazing new views!

Hi Coralie – congrats. You’re now the proud owner of some of the best views in Clover Park!

You said that right! The view is absolutely gorgeous and I can’t wait until I get to come home to that view every day. I’ll certainly be making the most of those large windows

Can you sum up your future life at Clover Park in five words?

Surrounded by friends and nature!

What made you choose Clover Park to call home?

I have two friends currently building in Clover Park, and the thought of having two people I know just down the road was both extremely comforting and exciting! Moving out for the first time can be scary, but at least we’re all doing it together and are walking distance away if we ever need some help.

Do you commute to the city much?

I don’t, I’m fortunate enough to work in Mount Barker, so moving here is actually going to cut my commute time down by about half an hour! Although it’s nice to know the freeway’s right around the corner and it’s easy to get into the city whenever I need to.

What made you choose a Lanser Living turnkey home design?

I honestly can’t say much more than I fell in love with the pre designed plan! I came into Clover Park to ask about blocks of land and got talking about the Pines Terraces homes currently under construction, and I left that conversation with a hold on one of the properties. It’s not at all what I expected driving into Clover Park that day, but I’m insanely grateful with how I left.

Do you have any tips for first home buyers?

I never knew I’d be so excited to stand on a slab of concrete… You’re not going to get anywhere if you don’t take the first step. I’d been wanting to do this for years, but as soon as I took the first step (asking about land, talking to a broker etc) everything got underway, and now I’m waiting to move into my first home

What are your favourite destinations in the Hills?

I’m a big fan of hiking, I will happily spend my weekends exploring new trails and getting out in nature. The Hills have plenty of gorgeous locations for this and I can’t wait to slowly explore them all.

Can you tell us about your sales journey with Lanser Living?

It was incredibly simple. I was fortunate enough to walk in with a query and leave with a date to come back and sign the contract. In fact it was even more simple than I could have ever imagined!

What did you think about the design and selections at The Pines?

It made it a much faster process. I’m happy with the selections Lanser picked and even happier that it got the build process under way faster. As a single, first home buyer it’s perfect, and more than enough for me. If I were to design my own first home it would be very similar!

To find out more about making Clover Park home – please call 0452 131 923.




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